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       Violence Prevention Program

The S.T.E.P. Family Violence Program is a partnership between S.T.E.P. staff members, church volunteers, MPS school administrators, the Montgomery Housing Authority, and the City of Montgomery.   

S.T.E.P. employees (Violence Prevention Specialists) work in a number of public schools teaching students and their families violence prevention strategies with the aid of the Second Step violence prevention curriculum and Peace Works supplementary curriculum. 

S.T.E.P. Violence Prevention Specialists are given referrals by school administrators of students who are at risk of being put out of school due to severe behavioral problems.  They consistently work with those students individually and involve parents in conferences or home visits when possible.  


Prevention activities include reducing the number of violent incidents at school, improving student's attitudes, and improving the way conflicts and feelings are handled at home. Parent participation is promoted through parent meetings and home visits.  The program helps students and their parents effectively manage anger or other impulsive responses that may lead to violence.  The reduction of violence benefits the entire community as individuals peacefully resolve their conflicts with others.

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