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On behalf of the Montgomery S.T.E.P. Foundation, I want to thank you for visiting our page!  Whether you're just finding out about S.T.E.P. or have known about us for years, I encourage you to get involved in this great organization.  I got involved with S.T.E.P. several years ago by volunteering as a college student to help with outreach events. I must say, I feel as passionate about the mission of S.T.E.P. today as I did in my college years.  

It's very humbling to be a part of such a legacy of service to the community. As the foundation rapidly approaches 30 years of service to the River Region, it's staggering to reflect on the profound impact this ministry has made in the lives of at-risk youth, neighborhoods, public schools, housing communities, churches and other nonprofit organizations.  It almost seems weekly now that I encounter someone who has a "S.T.E.P. Story".  Whether that individual volunteered with S.T.E.P. or was a beneficiary of one of our programs, there's always a light of joy in their faces as they tell stories of their involvement with S.T.E.P.  

One day I saw two of our former participants working side by side in a store; I smiled with joy because I knew S.T.E.P. impacted these individuals as youngsters. They both came over to greet me and shared how much they appreciated the organization for giving them a foundation to be successful. I firmly believe that is the shared story of hundreds of others this ministry has impacted for almost three decades throughout the city of Montgomery.  With that said, I welcome you to get connected and actively make a difference in the lives of those we serve.  Please feel free to continue browsing the website, and we look forward to partnering with you soon!


Sederick Fluker,                                                                                                                           

Executive Director

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