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To support Montgomery S.T.E.P. Foundation programs, you may click the "Donate Now" button at left.  You may also contribute by check in one sum or in payments through regular U.S. mail at S.T.E.P. Foundation, P.O. Box 193, Montgomery, AL 36101-0193. Please specify if you would like to be billed annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Gifts of stock are also appreciated.  Please contact us to find out how.

S.T.E.P. is a non-profit and tax-deductible ministry under 501(C)(3) IRS guidelines.

Who Contributes

The S.T.E.P. Foundation welcomes gifts from individuals, churches and businesses.  Sending a memorial is a unique way to honor a loved one or you may choose to make a gift in honor of a birthday, anniversary or holiday.  To acknowledge the family, please provide the following information with your check:

_____  In memory of _______________________________________________


_____  In honor of _________________________________________________

Acknowledgment to be sent to:



City _____________________________ State ________________  Zip ___________

How would you like acknowledgment signed:_________________________________

Contribute Online

Simply click the button at the top left corner of this page.  All information is confidential and secure.
If you require assistance, please contact the S.T.E.P. Foundation at 334-262-3141.


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